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Colour: Pink

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Colour: Pink
Width: X
UK Size: UK 3.5 / Bloch 3.5
£73.00 73.00 GBP
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- Improved fit for better weight distribution
- Supportive insole
- Split outersole increases shank contact with the arch
- Medium heel shape cradles and holds
- U Shaped vamp
- Higher wing for ultimate support
- Oblong platform for ease of balance
- Lower sides to enhance the profile of the foot
- Elastic drawstring improves the fit of the upper
- A Paste for better resilience and natural breakdown.

The AXI-STRETCH POINTE is the latest shoe within Bloch’s stretch collection. The unique stretch-satin upper is one of a kind; lengthening when the foot is flat, or in demi-plié and returning to it’s original form when en pointe. A composite fabric insole has been updated to better compliment the bone and muscular shape of the foot while encouraging a higher 3/4 break. The wings within the Axi-Stretch contour beautifully to the sides of the foot; wrapping under the metatarsals ensuring the perfect lateral support for many different foot types.

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