1. Image - BLOCHSOX™


    The freedom to dance with control.

  1. Experience the freedom to push your boundaries

  1. Never before has a dance sock allowed dancers to push boundaries with equal comfort, support and ease.

    Designed to enhance performance, BLOCHSOX™ are made with innovative features like built-in spin-spot, grip control lines and an enhanced compression arch. Dancers will experience smoother turns, elevated jumps and an overall ability to move with better control on the dance floor.

  1. Why BLOCHSOX™

    Brake lines - Stabilise pirouettes, control challenging moves & maintain glide.

    Grip control lines - Interior grip control lines hold the sock in place.

    Spin-spot - Enables smooth turns & provides extra padding.

    Double welt compression cuff - Stretch and compression for a natural fit.

    Enhanced compression arch - Hugs the foot to facilitate clean lines.

    Padded heel - Extra padding has been added to the heel.