Dusty Button ballet dancing in the studio wearing BLOCHSOX

Experience the freedom to dance with control in BLOCHSOX™

Experience the freedom to dance with control in BLOCHSOX™

BLOCHSOX is the revolutionary new dance sock every dancer has been waiting for. Intrigued? Read on to discover BLOCH's game-changing new footwear designed for all disciplines of dance training... 

Loved by professional dancers across the globe, BLOCHSOX™ is the revolutionary new dance sock designed for all styles of dance training, from ballet through to contemporary. Boasting a myriad of innovative technical qualities — including built-in spin-spot, grip control lines and enhanced arch support — BLOCH has created a fit that allows dancers to move with better control on the dance floor. 

Smoother turns, jump support and the ability to hold difficult lines are just a few of the benefits dancers can enjoy from BLOCHSOX™.

Principal Dancer Dusty Button dancing in BLOCHSOX

The cutting-edge design has already garnered a legion of professional dance industry fans. After dancing in a pair of BLOCHSOX™, Principal Artist and choreographer Dusty Button was super impressed by the supportive and comfortable fit the footwear provided. 

Button, who recommends BLOCHSOX™ to any type of dancer, was delighted to discover a new kind of freedom to manipulate her movement and lines. "My favourite feature is the brake lines behind the pivot point on the forefoot area of the sock," said Button. 

"BLOCHSOX™ gives me the ability to glide and move freely across the floor, but also the support to keep me grounded and stable. The convenience of being able to wear BLOCHSOX™ with my sneakers and also be prepared when I get to class is the definition of form and function. I'm not interested in any product that only offers one or the other." 

BLOCHSOX Dance Socks

Why choose BLOCHSOX™?

BLOCHSOX™ not only improves technique and performance, but is also a practical, stylish addition to any dancer's wardrobe. Made with Lycra/Spandex materials, this dance sock has been engineered to stay up longer on the dancer's leg compared to a regular sock, so you no longer have to worry about them rolling down and disrupting your focus during that all-important class or rehearsal.

Dancers can take their pick from a range of stylish colourways — including sand, charcoal and black — that are all thin enough to wear with street shoes to and from the studio. Once you incorporate the revolutionary comfort and stability built within every pair of BLOCHSOX™ into your dance training, you'll never want to take them off! 

WATCH: Dusty Button reveals why she loves BLOCHSOX™

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