BLOCH S0923 Women's Dance Sneakers



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Traverse Mid
Colour: Amethyst
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Colour: Amethyst
Width: M
UK Size: UK 3 / BLOCH 6
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A high performance mid cut ankle, full-sole sneaker designer specifically for dance fitness.


  • Lightweight multi-layered sole provides bounce and shock absorption for jumps
  • A combination of high-tech materials offers optimum support and flexibility in a full sole
  • High density smooth spin spot assists in free movement related to spinning and sliding.
  • Pads surrounding the spin spot give balance and control
  • Outer side of sole acts as a break when sliding
  • The grip offers stability in neutral positions as well as quick foot movements
  • Streamline upper provides dynamic fit that holds the foot securely during the movement
  • Reinforced toe area for foot work
  • Breathable mesh keeps feet cool
  • Mid cut for ankle support


  • Mesh Upper, Synthetic Outsole
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