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Sport S1277

Introducing the Bloch® Contour S1277 Pilates and Barre full-foot shoes! Bloch’s Contour collection of Pilates and Barre shoes are technically advanced having multiple patents pending. These slip-on studio shoes deliver a hygienic, non-slip grip to enable stability and body balance to ensure you get the most from your workouts. Our Barre and Pilates shoes are hard-wearing and long-lasting, and incorporate advanced fabrics that adheres to your feet. Dynamic Resistance Technology® integrated into the reinforced heel cup, holds and supports your feet and absorbs shock at the same time. Bloch Contour Pilates and Barre studio shoes come in three different sole types. For Pilates workouts the rubber front-sole (S1277R) is the ideal choice for your feet, and for Barre sessions the suede-front sole (S1277S), microfiber front-sole (S1277M) and rubber front-sole (S1277R) provide the grip and performance you need.