Serena McCall in middle splits

5 go-to Stretches For Dancers with Serena McCall

5 go-to Stretches For Dancers with Serena McCall

1. Back Stretch


Improving back flexibility is key for dancers, and Serena values this stretch as an important part of her dance training. Not only does this improve flexibility, it also strengthens your back and therefore prevents dance injuries.

2. Front Splits

Wanting to achieve the perfect split leap? This is an essential! Front splits is often a stretch that people work on for a while with the majority being unable to go completely flat into splits to begin with. This stretch is great as you can modify it by putting your weight onto yoga blocks either side of you and increasing the intensity of the stretch. Some dancers use their resistance bands to help with this stretch too, but it’s important to take your time, warm up and wait until you reach a comfortable point to progress with this stretch. 

3. Middle Splits

Two things: hip flexors and hamstrings! Middle splits allow you to focus on increasing your hip flexibility which helps to prevent dance injuries. It’s also one of the best stretches for your hamstrings which support all of your movements from hip to knee. Serena demonstrates this stretch with beautifully pointed feet!

4. Leg Hold

This is another one of Serena’s favourite stretches. We love this stretch as it improves your balance alongside your flexibility. Find a surface or a barre to hold onto, and then challenge yourself by slowly taking your hands off as you gain confidence.

5. Downward Dog with Penché

How impressive is this stretch! Bending your foot towards your head is maybe not one for beginners, but it’s a brilliant stretch to work at over time and really feel that sense of accomplishment once you reach it. That said, the downward dog with penché by itself creates a deep and effective stretch.

All of these stretches should be done gradually at your own pace to ensure you work safely. It’s fun to take a photo every two weeks so you can see and be proud of your progress. This will make stretching feel even more worthwhile!

Now that Serena has shared her go-to stretches with us, we hope you are excited to incorporate these into your own stretching routine. Focussing on strength, flexibility and balance compliments all dance training.

Tag us in your photos of your new stretching routine on Instagram: @bloch_eu @blochdanceusa. We would love to see your accomplishments!