Ballet dancer dancing en pointe wearing Balance Lisse Pointe Shoes

Coming soon: Balance Lisse Pointe Shoe

Coming soon: Balance Lisse Pointe Shoe

Meet our NEW pointe shoe we know you’re going to love, Balance Lisse...

BLOCH has maintained its (first) position as the first name in pointe shoe construction ever since the very first pair were hand-crafted in 1932, in a candlelit workshop by our founder  – and for good reason. Boasting revolutionary technology, an unrivalled fit and support, as well as a wide range of styles, it’s little wonder our pointe shoe range is first choice for student and professional dancers alike.

Continuing our mission to push what’s possible in pointe shoe design, we’re proud to introduce the latest to join our world-renowned line-up: Balance Lisse. This brand-new style will enable you to push the boundaries of ballet even further, while providing the stability and support you crave.

Balance Lisse, complete with full sole, is an innovative pointe shoe that offers the dancer a supremely streamlined and secure fit no matter how demanding the routine. The shoe boasts a host of new technical design features every ballerina will adore; including sleek, contoured heel and curved last which follows the natural line of the foot.

What can dancers expect from Balance Lisse?

This revolutionary design features a very wide platform, tapered internally, that helps dancers to feel as though they could remain en pointe all day. The contoured heel has been expertly sculpted to reduce bagginess, achieving a beautiful, seamless line every time.

The shoe is crafted from reinforced satin which remains smooth and strong through vigorous pointe work, enabling you to create beautiful, seamless lines on stage and fulfil your full potential en pointe. This reinforced material is also stronger and longer lasting, helping to reduce wrinkles and provide an overall smoother look.

Ballet dancer dancing en pointe in the studio wearing Balance Lisse pointe shoes

Sleek heel

Balance Lisse features a sleek, sculpted heel that gives a lower profile to the foot, together with overall reduction in appearance on the heel. A thinner sponge has been incorporated into the heel of the shoe, to effectively maintain the natural shape of the heel.

Improved lines

A low profile, medium sides and U-shaped open throat line, combined with the aforementioned reinforced satin, create that supportive, streamlined fit every ballet dancer dreams of.

Curved last

Designed on a curved last, a medium shank follows the natural contours of the foot, keeping the instep in contact with the shoe, in order to provide comfort and injury protection. If you wear Balance European, Hannah, Eurostretch, Whisper or B Morph, you’ll particularly love Balance Lisse, as this offers a similar fit to those styles within our current range.  

A ballet dancer dancing en pointe in the studio wearing tights, a tutu and Balance Lisse pointe shoes

Experience the streamline and secure fit of the new Balance Lisse, designed with a sleek heel and curved last which follows the natural line of the foot — coming soon!