Isabella Boylston warming up at home wearing BLOCH Logo Wear and Warm-up Booties

How to dance from home

How to dance from home

Stay dancing whilst staying home – no studio required

Right now with our routines restricted, it’s an unprecedented time for us all. Add to that the frustration of your favourite classes cancelled, and it can be easy to get ourselves down, but, with a little help from BLOCH and our most loved social media apps, you can still stick to your fitness and dancing regime from the comfort of your front room. In fact, this current period makes the perfect time for fitting in a little extra workout practice — exercise is one of the best ways to keep a positive mindset after all.

Here we share our top tips for keeping fit, strong and motivated while staying home, so you can make the most of this time away from the studio and of course all the BLOCH essentials you’ll need! Read on to find out how to keep doing what you love while at home.

Keep up your routine

During this period of uncertainty, it’s important to try and stick to a daily routine, even if it’s a little different to what you’re used to. In order to keep those muscles working properly and dancing at your best when you eventually return to class, we recommend staying as active as you can, this will help keep your body and mind in tip-top shape.

One way of keeping up, is by tuning in to our daily BLOCH Live guest classes over on our IG Stories, (@bloch_eu or @blochdanceusa) from ballet to tap to contemporary to much more led by a whole host of incredible dancers, including Principal, Christine Shevchenko taught by former Principals, Irina Dvorovenko and Max Beloserkovsky, plus Yasmine Naghdi, Jason Samuels Smith and Ashley Bouder to name just a few.

Staying active from the comfort of your own living room is a great way of keeping your day as regular as possible, as well as stretching, waking up those muscles and getting that dance fix! Be sure to stay tuned to our stories to see when the next class is, and don’t forget to tag us in your posts using hashtag #BLOCHlive.

Ballet dancer Maria Khoreva stretching wearing a BLOCH camisole leotard and metallic Warm-up Booties

Dress the part

You may not be heading out to the studio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look the part while working out at home. Front room workouts call for beautiful, high-performance dancewear, and for that we have you covered! Be sure to put on your regular ballet or dance gear each time you dance, so you feel inspired, motivated and ready to move. Pop on your favourite leotard, tights and warm-up wear to prepare those muscles properly just like you would in the studio, and of course your BLOCH dance shoes.

But don’t just stop at your outfit take time to style your hair just as you would for class too using must-have hair kit. This simple self-care ritual will help make you look and feel your best. 

Choose the perfect workout spot

Choose a dedicated spot to use as your dance or workout space. Not quite sure where? Ask yourself the following questions to help you select the perfect set up: is there enough space available for movement? Do you have a mirror nearby you can easily use? Can you set up your phone, computer, TV or tablet to stream and view the class with ease? Picking the right spot within your home will really help motivate you to keep moving.

Ballet dancer Maria Khoreva stretching wearing a black camisole leotard with metallic warm-up booties

Make sure you have everything you need

Prepare your space beforehand. If you’re practising ballet, what will you use as your barre? A chair? The top of a counter or worktop perhaps? or even a bookcase or shelf? Or, if you’re trying another type of fitness, make sure you have all the equipment you’ll need to avoid any distractions. Our Resistance Band makes a great workout essential and is super versatile in the many exercises you use it for. Also, don’t forget your Foot Roller for stretching out sore feet afterwards. Collate all your kit together ahead of your workout to make sure you’re fully prepared to go.

… And finally, remember to breathe and enjoy! You’ve got this.

Dance from home checklist:

Tick off all the items in our checklist for a successful home workout, every time!

BLOCHSOX ⁠— Ideal for dancing on any floor or carpet

Resistance Band – Great for aiding at-home strengthening and stretching

Warm-Up Booties – We love how they keep your feet warm while dancing and work just as well as slippers for lounging around the house 

Boost Mesh Split Sole Sneaker ⁠— If you’re dancing at home and need support with flexibility to work your arches, you can't beat Boost

OMNIA Lightweight Knitted Sneakers ⁠— A lightweight, flexible sneaker great for every at-home workout, whether that be strength training, cardio or even Zumba

A BLOCH dance bag filled with BLOCH essentials Pointe Shoes, Warm Up Booties, tutu, Foot Roller and water bottle

Pointe Shoe Kit ⁠— Get a head start on sewing your Pointe Shoes, so you're all set for returning to class

Foot Roller Treat yourself (and your feet) to some me time and ease your tension with a foot massage

Hair Kit  Why not use this free time to perfect your bun styling skills?

Cooling Towel Stay cool and dry whilst working out at home with our cooling towel, the perfect size for keeping close by

Loungewear — For winding down and relaxing in style, post-workout 

And remember, above all else, keep moving, keep dancing and stay safe.

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