Isabella Boylston warming up at home wearing BLOCH Logo Wear and Warm-up Booties

How to dance from home

Right now with our routines restricted, it’s an unprecedented time for us all. Add to that the frustration of your favourite classes cancelled, but, with a little help from BLOCH and our most loved social media apps, you can still stick to your fitness and dancing regime from the comfort of your home.

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A ballet dancer fastening her BLOCH Pointe Shoe ribbons outside of the studio

How to Sew Pointe Shoes

If you're ready to begin your training en pointe, follow BLOCH's simple guide to sewing the ribbons and elastics on your new pair of pointe shoes so they are secure and ready to go.

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A ballet dancer leaping during performance day

3 ways to prepare for performance day

There's nothing quite like the buzz of performance day and the best way to feel confident is to be prepared. Follow BLOCH's guide to getting performance ready for your best show yet!

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Dusty Button dancing in BLOCHSOX

3 strength training workouts for dancers

If you want to enhance your dancing and stay ahead of the curve, consider incorporating these fun fitness activities into your routine to feel fitter, stronger and more confident in class.

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A ballet dancer en pointe wearing a tutu and BLOCH pointe shoes

When are you ready to go en pointe?

Pointe work is hailed as the most iconic and elegant element of ballet, but how can you tell if you're ready to take this next step? Follow BLOCH's complete guide to knowing when you're ready to progress on to pointe.

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