The Best Dance and Exercise Face Masks

The Best Dance and Exercise Face Masks

The Best Dance and Exercise Face Masks

Not all face masks are created equal. If you’re looking for an athletic face mask for exercise, your average cloth or single-use mask just isn’t going to cut it. They can irritate the skin, fall out of place, or limit breathability definitely not something you want during a workout!  

If you’re looking for the best face masks for exercise, look no further than BLOCH. In this piece, we’re detailing everything you should look for in an athletic face mask, so you can stay safe, protected, and comfortable while continuing to perform at your best. 

Athletic Face Masks For Dancers

Face masks prevent the release of droplets into the air, which can be heightened during exercise. So, whether you’re looking for a face mask for jogging, a trip to the gym, or for extra protection around the dance studio, we’ve got you covered.  

The idea of wearing a face mask for exercise may be strange. After all, the last thing you want when you’re sweating is an extra layer on your face. However, we have good news! There are a number of face masks that have been designed specifically for exercise, helping promote breathability and comfort during those tougher sessions. If you’re looking for the best face mask for exercise, read on to find out how to find the perfect option for you. 

What Should I Look for in an Athletic Face Mask?

When looking for a face mask for exercise or dance, there are a few extra things to take into consideration to make sure you’re completely comfortable. Here’s what to look for in a dance face mask, and the benefits you can enjoy with a BLOCH face mask.


The last thing you want to be worrying about when exercising or dancing is the feeling of your face mask. A soft, comfortable design is important so you can feel your best while having the freedom to move safely. Our masks are made with soft stretch fabric for the ultimate in comfort and easy breathability.  

Bacteria and odour control

Our masks are infused with Nano Zinc Oxide. Not only does this help prevent bacteria growth for the life of the product, but it eliminates odours, too – so you can still smell sweet even while you're working up a sweat. 

A Perfect Fit

When you’re exercising or dancing, you’re naturally moving a lot more than day-to-day – so it’s important your face mask has a perfect fit and stays in place. Designed with adjustable ear loops, our masks snuggly fit most face types, so you can work out while your mask stays where it belongs. We also offer masks in a lanyard design, so you can easily carry your mask around your neck when it’s not needed or during intense exercise. 

Washable and Reusable

As well as being bad for the environment, single-use face masks are also not the most comfortable option for exercising. A reusable and washable mask is the best option if you’re going to be working up a sweat. Our masks are machine washable so you can throw them in the wash and reuse as many times as you like. Why not go for a multi-pack and rotate your masks so you’re never caught without a fresh face mask? 

UV Protection

If you’re looking for a face mask for outdoor exercise such as jogging, UV protection is a great benefit. Our face masks offer 25% better UV protection than conventional fabric, which is great if you spend a lot of time walking or exercising outside. But please remember to wear sunscreen, too. 

BLOCH Face Masks

Constructed from super-soft cotton with a sweat-friendly polyester and spandex blend, our face masks are designed for breathability, perfect fit and comfort. What’s more, our choice of top-quality fabric makes our masks suitable for all-day use, and one of the best options to wear during exercise and dance. 

From plain face masks to printed face masks, explore our full range of BLOCH face masks for dance to discover your new go-to.