Introducing our new Tonal satin pointe shoe range

Introducing our new Tonal satin pointe shoe range

Introducing our new Tonal satin pointe shoe range

Dance should be for everyone, which is why at BLOCH we’ve launched a new collection of satin pointe shoes in complementary skin tone shades. Designed to harmonise with a varied range of skin tones, our tonal pointe shoe collection has been developed by dancers, for you.


Black dancer wearing Bloch B29 pointe shoes 

The new colourways

The full collection of BLOCH skin coloured pointe shoes was launched on 20th October, and features four brand new colourways.

  • The B24, a paler peachy tan with subtle yellow undertone
  • The B27, a golden brown with a hint of yellow and peach undertone
  • The B29, a warm rich brown with a subtle hint of red undertone
  • The B31, a deeper shade of brown with a strong depth of red undertone

4 women's legs and pointe shoes matching their skin tone

 Each new colour is available in our best-selling pointe shoe styles, the Heritage and Balance European. You can find each colourway in all our usual pointe shoe sizing. For each new shade, you can also buy our stretch satin ribbon and pointe shoe elastic, offering everything you need to sew and prepare your pointe shoes – all in stunning tones to suit you.

Pointe shoe shades developed with dancers

At BLOCH, we’re dedicated to inclusivity and embracing the beauty of diverse complexions. When it came to creating our tonal pointe shoe range, we wanted to hear from the dancers in our community to create shoes that represent a variety of different skin tones, with a particular focus on depth and undertones.

We partnered with a number of incredible dancers from the BLOCH community to meticulously plan and develop our satin tonal collection. We would love to thank the following dancers for their support and dedication in helping us create these new shades:

 Amanda Smith, Dance Theatre of Harlem @mandapanda717 Ashley Murphy, Washington Ballet @ashley063018Isio-Maya Nuwere, NYU Tisch School of the Arts and ambassador for Brown Girls Do Ballet @isio.mayaAlicia Holloway, Dance Theatre of Harlem @aliciahollowayMeagan King, Alum of Alvin Ailey  @meaganking__Madelyne Clark, Alum of Alvin Ailey  @maddiec_96,  Katlyn Addison, Ballet West @katlynaddisonIsadora Loyola, American Ballet Theatre @isadizzle and WanTing Zhao, San Francisco Ballet @wanting__zhao

 Shop the tonal pointe shoe collection today to discover your new dance go-to.