Best Gifts for Dancers

Best Gifts for Dancers

Best Gifts for Dancers

By giving a dance-related gift to a special dancer in your life, you’re showing them how much you value their craft and how well you know them. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that your gift will be enjoyed for years to come! 

In this BLOCH Best Gifts for Dancers guide, you can find plenty of inspiration and ideas for the perfect birthday, holiday or good luck gift to give any dancer.


Gift ideas for Dancers

All dancers – regardless of age, gender, dance style or experience – appreciate a gift that allows them to connect with dance. Whether you’re looking for a gift dancers can use in the studio, on the street or in the spotlight, explore our gift ideas below, organised by everyday, practical, ballet and children’s gift ideas.


Everyday gifts for dancers

On-trend and fashionable clothing or shoes make great gifts for dancers. These gifts are perfect for dancers who travel to and from the studio, love the “balletcore” trend or may need to retire some older workout and dance clothing!

Everyday activewear and athleisure clothing makes for a great gift, as these items can be worn to dance, work out or simply lounge at home. Specific items such as warm joggers, top and bottom sets to throw on after practice or buttery soft, sweat-wicking active tops are perfect for dancers of any style or experience level. 

For boys or men, treat them to a classic fitted white t-shirt. These quality tees are perfect for dance class or fitness activities but are also versatile enough to make up part of his everyday wardrobe. With their supremely comfortable styles, a BLOCH t-shirt is sure to become his latest go-to.

Another fashion-forward gift idea for dancers is ballet flats, such as BLOCH ballet flats, which come in a variety of styles, materials and colours. This timeless and classic shoe is perfect for dancers who wish to step into everyday comfort and elegance.

For a shoe that will continue to make an impression for years to come, opt for the Nashira ballet pumps in cappuccino leather. It’s the perfect shoe for on-the-go and has a lovely, versatile design that will pair perfectly with any look. Another fabulous everyday option is the Rigel ballet pump in ash black leather, which has a beautiful soft matte finish and a classic design.

Bloch Fashion Ballet Flat Nashira in Cappuccino

Practical gifts for dancers

Practical dance gifts are always appreciated by dancers, as these items help a dancer perfect, practice and enjoy their craft. 

A bag is a must for any dancer, and a high-quality duffel will see them through plenty of classes, rehearsals and show days. The BLOCH ballet black duffel bag in black comes with a built-in breathable mesh shoe compartment, perfect for dancers.

The BLOCHspot stickers are a lovely, practical little gift for dancers. These cloth tape stickers are applied to regular street trainers or shoes. They prevent sticking to the floor and allow dancers to spin with ease, turning any pair of shoes into dance shoes!

The adult warm-up booties in pink nylon make a fantastic gift option. While they’re an ultra-practical option for dancers to keep warmed up during classes, they can also be worn around the house as a cosy alternative to slippers – so they’re great for dancers and non-dancers alike!

A cooling towel is a great practical gift option for anyone who loves to dance. The Mission™ instant cooling towel is athlete-engineered and made from high-performance fabrics that instantly cool when wet, wrung out and snapped in the air. A cooling towel ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for a gift that a dancer will use regularly.

These practical and useful gift ideas show a dancer how much you value their dedication to dance. These items are a must-have in any dance bag, so replenishing their collection with high-quality, new products that help make travelling, warming up or stretching easier are, without a doubt, excellent gifts for dancers!

 Bloch Dance Warm-up Bootie in Candy Pink

Best gifts for ballet dancers

If you’re looking for ballet-specific dance gifts for a ballet dancer, a good place to start is to consider what items they might be looking to replace, upgrade or need more of.

For example, a leotard is the standard attire for any ballet dancer, so giving a new, beautifully crafted leotard in their favourite colour is a great gift that will surely bring a smile to any ballet dancer’s face.

Additional items, such as a new wrap skirt or new tights, also make great gifts that show a ballet dancer you know them well! The ladies' Vera wrap ballet skirt in black is a classic, chic style that will be right at home in any dancer's collection, while our girls' convertible tights in pink offer superior softness and quality that will last.

Bloch Dance Ladies Vera Wrap Skirt in Black

Best gifts for young dancers

Picking out a gift for a young dancer is always exciting. There are so many adorable gifts out there that will certainly help any aspiring dancer feel their best when they step out on the dance floor!

From sparkles and bright colours to high-performance tops and tights, there are plenty of dance gifts for children to choose from at BLOCH. Below are our top picks as the best gifts for young dancers.

The children’s warm-up booties in fluorescent blue are ideal for keeping little feet warm and cosy.

Our girls' barre stretch waist ballet skirt is a must-have for any young dancer! It matches perfectly with our BLOCH leotards for a dance-ready look she’ll adore.

  • for on the street or in the studio
  • Glittery ballet shoes for making a statement

 Bloch Dance Girls Stretch Barre Skirt in Pink

Good luck gift ideas for dancers

Giving a dancer a good luck gift prior to a performance or recital is an excellent way to show your appreciation. A good luck gift can also help calm their nerves before stepping on stage and help them feel prepared to dance their best.

Common good luck gifts include a goodie bag with their favourite treats or a small token they can carry with them to future performances. For example, a small jewellery charm or a key chain, such as the BLOCH pointe shoe key chain or bootie key chain, make perfect good luck surprises.

If you are looking to give a good luck gift that the dancer can use prior to performing, here are a variety of practical gift options that will help the dancer feel completely prepared to step out on the dance floor.

For a post-performance surprise, fresh flowers or the dancer’s favourite special treat is a great way to show your appreciation for the wonderful performance they provided. Both pre-performance and post-performance gifts let the dancer know that you admire and celebrate all the hard work they have dedicated.

Bloch Dance Mini Pointe Shoe Keyring in Black

The perfect gift for a dancer

As a leading dancewear destination, BLOCH offers a variety of practical accessories, shoes, clothing and training essentials. From handcrafted shoes to hair essential kits, we’ve got you covered head-to-toe! Find the perfect dance gift for any occasion at BLOCH today.

If you’re shopping for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers for dancers, visit the BLOCH Gift Edit to find plenty of dance and athletic gifts for men, women and children at any price point.