How to Wear Ballet Flats

How to Wear Ballet Flats

How to Wear Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the centrepiece of the increasingly popular “balletcore” trend taking over fashion right now, and the shoe style is quickly growing to be one of the most desirable pieces of footwear. Notable fashion icons and leaders – from models to bloggers – are embracing the “ballerina-off-duty” style, which is always paired with a timeless ballet flat.

Finding that perfect pair of ballet flats and knowing how to wear them can come as a challenge, so it’s important to know what to look for in a stylish ballet flat, as well as what you’ll be able to wear it with to upgrade any outfit from simple to chic.

As a leading dancewear expert with the highest level of ballet fashion expertise, Bloch designers break down everything you’ll need to know on finding and wearing the perfect ballet flat. From key tips on achieving the ballet flats style to ballet flats outfit inspiration, here is our guide on how to wear ballet flats.


Ballet Flat Styles

The modern ballet flat that is currently trending is one with a carefully designed style that combines dreamy, whimsical and elegant design elements. In other words, these ballet flats are timeless. The modern ballet flat style is one that best mirrors the grace and poise of a traditional ballet shoe – from the soft materials, feminine cuts and delicate bows.

While the ballet flat design is a piece of footwear that has been adored and worn by women for ages, specific trends revolving around the shoe’s shape and pattern always seem to come and go. However, today more and more women are reaching for the classic ballet flat style, the iconic blueprint that stands above all other fading trends.

If you are one of the many people wishing to add a timeless ballet flat to your collection, there are a few elements to look for when shopping. You’ll want a pair that can withstand the test of time and trends, so choosing a well-designed, well-constructed and high-quality pair of ballet flats is important to make your pair last through any season.

Here are three things you’ll want to keep in mind when searching for your first (or fifth – we don’t blame you!) pair of ballet flats.

1. Classic Elegance 

The ballet flats trending today are the ones that embrace the classic features of the traditional ballet shoe. From the construction of the topline to the delicacy of the bow, ballet flats were designed to resemble the iconic look of a ballet shoe, hence the name. For example, the Nashira ballet flat, made from Nappa leather, is a signature construction that is unique in the creation of the world-renowned Bloch pointe shoes.

To properly take part in the trending ballet flat style, avoid flats that adhere to hyper-trends. Instead, look for a well-designed ballet flat that celebrates the classic elegance associated with ballet footwear.

2. Comfortable Chic

One reason more and more women are taking part in the ballet flat trend is because the shoe is dynamic in the sense that it offers a sophisticated style to any outfit, without compromising comfort. Even if you’re frantically running out the door, throwing on a pair of ballet flats will keep you looking and feeling both poised and polished.

So, if you’re looking for footwear that provides both comfort and style, ballet flats are about to be your best friend. Ditch the discomfort from heels and make an upgrade from informal sneakers by pulling a pair of on-trend ballet flats off your shoe rack. This allows you to upgrade virtually any outfit, for virtually any occasion, in a comfortable and chic way.

3. Simplicity 

When looking at the ballet flats that are being worn by the most fashionable, you’ll notice one key similarity: simplicity. If you’d like to find a pair that truly embodies the delicate ballet flat style, look for a pair that doesn’t overwhelm the eyes. After all, less is more. For example, if you love the look of animal print ballet flats, don’t overdo it by introducing excessive straps, flashy embellishments and more than one print in the mix. The components of a stylish ballet flat should complement each other, not distract.

Outfits with Ballet Flats

While you may have an idea of which ballet flats suit your style, you might still be wondering what outfit to pair them with. The beauty in ballet flats is their versatility – from casual to formal, day to night, ballet flats make a perfect complement to any outfit when executed right. Here’s how to wear ballet flats with what you already have in your closet.

Ballet Flats and Jeans

Ballet flats pair perfectly with a variety of jean cuts and with practically any shade of denim—whether light-wash, dark-wash, black, white or a fun colour.

A skinny jean or jegging with ballet flats will accentuate leg lines and offer an elegant, classic ballerina look. This look can adhere to whatever your style may be, whether you’re minimalistic or eccentric, depending on the blouse you wear. For a low-key look, try skinny jeans with a simple tucked-in top. For something more dynamic, try a leather jacket, play with interesting prints and utilise movement through ruffles or layers.

Ballet shoes with a pair of cropped, straight jeans give that ‘ballerina-off-duty’ look that’s becoming all the rage. We love this effortless look with a loose-fitting button-down or a high-neck body suit.

Ballet Flats with Dresses

Adding ballet flats to a skirt or dress is an ideal way to achieve a romantic, feminine outfit. Ballet flats with dresses and skirts are incredibly easy to assemble, especially in a hurry, while still giving you the appearance of being put-together and elegant.

If you’re aiming for formal wear and can’t stand the aches and pains that come with wearing heels, ballet flats will give you the same level of formality without compromising comfort – especially if you’re going to be on your feet for a period of time.

When choosing to wear ballet flats with dresses or skirts, flowy and graceful fabrics are an admirable match. Play with fun prints and different materials, such as satin, to juxtapose the simplicity that comes with a delicate ballet flat to elevate your outfit even more. Add a pair of tights underneath, and now you’ve mastered the “balletcore” style.

Ballet Flats with Shorts

Shorts coupled with ballet flats heightened in popularity during the warmer months as it’s an outfit that beautifully blends the lines between casual and chic. It looks both tasteful and effortless, giving a sophisticated “cool-girl” look adored by people of all ages.

You can pair your ballet flats with any pair of denim, linen or trouser shorts. Throw on a slim fitting top and an opened button-up shirt to achieve a polished yet refreshing look. For something more kittenish, wear a baby-doll fitted top or a blouse with some movement.

Ballet flats with an additional strap, either up the ankle or across the foot, pair great with shorts. This is because the extra material breaks the line from the length of space that stretched between the trim of your shorts and the bottom of your foot, providing a visually appealing outfit composition.

Bloch Ballet Flats

Bloch has been the innovation leader in dance shoes for nearly a century, and Bloch ballet shoes are found on the feet of professionals in the dance industry across the globe. Now, Bloch ballet shoes can be found on the feet of any trendsetter – dancer or non-dancer – with the range of Bloch fashion ballet flats.

As an expert in ballet footwear, Bloch combines the traditional grace of a ballet shoe with modern style and functionality to create a beautiful range of everyday ballet flats. Made with high-quality materials of supple leathers, our reimagined ballet flats feel as great to wear as they look. Browse for your next pair of adult ballet flats with Bloch, and get ready to get your style ‘en pointe.’