What Are Warm-Up Booties?

What Are Warm-Up Booties?

What Are Warm-Up Booties?

As a dancer, you'll need many specialist training essentials to ensure you're safe and comfortable in the studio. One you may have heard of is warm-up booties. But what exactly are warm-up booties, and why do dancers wear them?

Warm-up booties are non-slip, insulated boots that a dancer wears to help with the warming up process before dancing and in between rehearsals, auditions, or shows. At BLOCH, our warm-up booties are insulated with a 100% polyester filling for exceptional warmth and comfort and feature a 100% Nylon shell for a lightweight design. They're super soft, light, and incredibly flexible, meaning they can be easily thrown inside your rehearsal bag for convenient use.

What are warm-up booties used for?

So, why do dancers use warm-up booties, and what exactly do they do?

Well, there are actually multiple benefits of warm-up booties. First of all, they help you prepare for performances and rehearsals by keeping your feet and toes warmed up when you're waiting to begin. They don't just keep your feet feeling cosy but help keep the muscles and joints loose, preventing stiffness and reducing the chance of injury when dancing. Wearing warm-up booties is similar to wearing layers or warm-up wear when warming up or in between dances – they ensure you're ready to go the second the dance resumes!

Secondly, warm-up booties are excellent for protecting your dance shoes and tights during performances, keeping them looking pristine and minimising the chance of scuffs. This means warm-up booties are an especially popular choice for ballerinas who count on their costumes looking flawless.

What kind of warm-up booties are available at BLOCH?

There are many different warm-up booties available at BLOCH, so the best pair for you depends totally on your preferences. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new warm-up favourites:

Do you need child or adult booties?

We have both children's warm-up booties and adults' warm-up booties, so whoever needs a hand warming up can find their perfect pair.

What kind of fit do you prefer?

We also have warm-up booties in different lengths. You can ensure you're always dance-ready with ankle warm-up booties. These come with a shorter design and handy pull-string toggles so you can take them on and off with ease. Our taller booties cover the lower calf for the ultimate in cosiness if you're looking for even more warmth.

What style of warm-up booties would you like?

And of course, you should always think about style and design! Whether you want an understated pair of black or pink warm-up booties or an eye-catching patterned design, we have a range of lovely options to choose from in our collection.

Can you wear pointe shoes with warm-up booties?

We're often asked whether warm-up booties can be worn with pointe shoes. The answer is, it's totally up to you! Many dancers opt for warm-up booties for the ballet studio or performances. In these cases, you're likely to wear your booties over your pointe shoes to save time taking them on and off between dances. If you are planning on wearing your warm-up booties with pointe shoes, we'd recommend you size up to make sure there's plenty of space.

Of course, lots of people opt for warm-up booties for different types of dance or instead of slippers to keep the feet warm when relaxing at home. If this is the case, you probably won't be wearing your booties with shoes, so you can just buy a pair in your usual size.

How do you keep warm-up booties clean?

Most of our dancewear comes with washing instructions on the label to let you know if the item is safe to be washed and what settings to use. For most warm-up booties, we recommend you surface wash only to keep the insulation soft and in shape. Indoor booties, in particular, shouldn't get too dirty, so a gentle wipe down of the exterior with a cloth should be all it takes to keep them looking and feeling their best.

 Are you feeling tempted by a cosy pair of warm-up booties? Whether you're heading to dance class or keeping snug at home, our warm-up booties will help you warm up and chill out in style!